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The Merriweather Horns
Torris, Alexandria, VA
Two Roads, Silver Spring
Pillar of Fire, Washington
The Shining Dark, Baltimore
The Dreaming, Frederick
Centennial Sculpture Park
Oak Wisdom, Baltimore
Kardia, St. Louis
Community Bridge
Poets Walk, Rochester
A Handful of Keys, NY
The Dream Pool
Cornerstone, Rockville MD
Sky Loom
The Weaving Wall
The Lonesome Touch
Community Builder
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William and Teresa Cochran create projects that contribute to sustainable cities and healthy communities. They collaborate with city officials, public agencies, NGOs, design teams, and cultural organizations to design and implement large-scale, catalytic public art projects known for careful architectural integration, design quality and craftsmanship.


  • The Merriweather Horns: Cochran Studio recently joined a team of internationally recognized designers including Martha Schwartz Partners and Mahan Rykiel Associates for the creation of a new 16 acre cultural park in Symphony Woods at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. In January 2014 William designed five large-scale illuminated acoustic sculptures for the park entry plazas and pathway intersctions. The Merriweather Horns produce musical soundscapes from sounds made by wildlife. For a few moments each evening they together create a single song
  • Pillar of Fire was selected as one of the top 100 public artworks in the world in recent years by a distinguished panel of professional designers for CODAWorx. It will be published in CODAmagazine’s July issue, Technology + Art.
  • Wingspire, a thirty-foot glass tower for Silver Spring, Maryland is entering the final design and fabrication phase.
  • Torris: a freestanding light sculpture in Alexandria was recently completed.
  • The Shining Dark: This community-driven, elevated light sculpture for West Baltimore won a major TEP grant and will reach completion in 2015. Studio-designed participatory public workshops engaged residents of all ages to shape the project.
  • American Institute of Architects: Teresa Cochran served as public art consultant for a Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) for AIA's Center for Community By Design for a west coast city.
  • Two Roads: this large-scale, free-standing architectural art glass room in an "urban meadow" was recently completed in downtown Silver Spring, a collaboration with the landscape architecture firm Oculus.
  • Bethesda Asclepius: Nine large scale textural and dimensional kinetic paintings will anchor a cultural corridor in Bethesda, Maryland. The plans won unanimous approval from the Art Review Committee. Fabrication begins shortly.
  • Centennial Sculpture Park at the Memorial Art Gallery of the Uniersity of Rochester, a major design focus of the studio in recent years, won the Robert Macon Award for Urban Innovation in October 2013, the 2012 Project of the Year Award from the American Public Works Association for Regional Transportation Projects and a New York State Chapter Award and one of the top four grants in the nation from the National Endowent for the Arts, the latter an initiative spearheaded by the studio.
  • Cornerstone, the civil rights memorial that anchors a corner of the new Rockville Town Square, received a historic preservation award for unearthing and celebrating 250 momentous years of black history at the core of Rockville.




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