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Torris, Alexandria, VA
Pillar of Fire, Washington
Two Roads, Silver Spring
Community Bridge, Frederick Maryland
Centennial Sculpture Park, Rochester, NY
The Merriweather Horns, Columbia Maryland
Desire Lines, Bethesda, MD
Kardia, St. Louis MO
The Shining Dark, Baltimore
The Dreaming, Frederick Maryland
Oak Wisdom, Baltimore
Poets Walk, Rochester
A Handful of Keys, NY
The Lonesome Touch, Martinsburg, WV
The Dream Pool, Frederick, Maryland
Cornerstone, Rockville MD
Sky Loom
The Weaving Wall
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Guided tours of Community Bridge have been used for the last ten years by school, corporate, church, youth, college and bus tour groups to meet a wide array of objectives. The tours are fascinating and inspiring. One Fortune 100 company uses the bridge tour and the project's story as an integral part of its corporate manager training program. Trainers say it exemplifies the program's key themes of leadership, vision, integrity, passion, courage, diversity, lifelong learning, self-awareness and creativity.

Other groups find in the bridge an eloquent collective voice that speaks about human equality and the value of diverse perspectives. Still others describe the almost revelatory power of seeing Archangel, the anamorphic projection in the bridge, a metaphor for shifting one's viewpoint, and the common ground they discover in that process. "This bridge leaves a mark on people's lives," is one recent comment.

The bridge tour is especially suited to educational groups --- at all grade levels and in multiple curriculum areas. Educators bring school groups from many states to expose their students to the multi-leveled experience of Community Bridge.

Bridge tours are given personally by Teresa Cochran, who is active in the field of arts-integrated education and who led the community engagement phase of the bridge project and was intimately involved in its creation. Many have praised the experience of a bridge tour with Ms. Cochran as a rare, direct experience of the power of seeing differently, and the eye-opening discoveries of connection and community that result.

Tours Of Community Bridge may be scheduled by contacting Teresa Cochran at 301-696-2839.

"An outstanding attraction for the entire family." -- Microsoft Travel

"A world-class masterpiece." -- Robert Bersson, Emeritus Professor of Art, James Madison University, and author, Responding to Art, McGraw-Hill, 2003

"It tricks the eye, dazzles the mind and warms the soul." ---- Associated Press


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