Studio William Cochran - Catalytic Public Art for American Downtowns

Torris, Alexandria, VA
Pillar of Fire, Washington
Two Roads, Silver Spring
Community Bridge, Frederick Maryland
Centennial Sculpture Park, Rochester, NY
The Merriweather Horns, Columbia Maryland
Desire Lines, Bethesda, MD
Kardia, St. Louis MO
The Shining Dark, Baltimore
The Dreaming, Frederick Maryland
Oak Wisdom, Baltimore
Poets Walk, Rochester
A Handful of Keys, NY
The Lonesome Touch, Martinsburg, WV
The Dream Pool, Frederick, Maryland
Cornerstone, Rockville MD
Sky Loom
The Weaving Wall
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Painting Workshops


Students describe William Cochran as a "generous teacher" and "a true modern master in trompe l'oeil" with "wonderful communication skills" who "breaks down the information into everyday language." They say he is "attentive," "personable," "positive," "inspiring," and "engaged." The workshops overflow with valuable tools and information, including a thick binder about theory, technique and materials to take home.

Other things painters have to say about learning with William:
. . . hands-down true enlightenment for the working professional muralist . . .
. . . more than I expected ever to learn . . .
. . . changed the way I will paint from start to finish . . .
. . . excellent and friendly . . .
. . . will be able to immediately apply to my business . . .
. . . relaxed and enjoyable . . .
. . . invaluable for professional procedures and techniques . . .
. . . gave me the information to improve my business and take it to the next level and beyond . . .
. . . this information will stay with me for the rest of my life . . .

Whether you are a new painter, have a degree in painting or are a multi-decade veteran muralist, William will meet you at your level of expertise in these workshops to help you elevate your skills.

Plus, it's a powerfully supportive environment — non-competitive, homemade food, a fantastic playlist, and a retreat-like setting. Professional brushes, paints, substrates and everything else you need is provided as part of the workshop. Lunch, snacks and drinks are all provided, too. Call us or sign the guest book on this web site for more info and a schedule.

To learn about the workshops:
Click Here to Download a PDF BROCHURE about William Cochran's Trompe L'Oeil Mastery Program Classes. This brochure includes descriptions of each of the workshops. 

To register online: Click here.

Questions? Prefer to register by phone? Call Teresa at 240.285.1222 or 301.696.2839.

Click Here to view a video about these painting classes with William Cochran. 


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